Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We have a 12,000 sq ft antique & collectible store - and it takes awhile to walk through it and see everything there is - but I have noticed that there are people who do what I would never do in any store that I visit. Too often, someone will just blop down on a chair; usually antique, to take a breather. Not a good idea! First of all, the chairs are old, and may not hold you. We've had several cane bottomed chairs give way and we're left with a big hole in a chair because of thoughtlessness. Its just not safe - especially when you're in a antique store. Its not a furniture store with floor displays.
And drinks. Come on folks. Would you go to your grandma's home and put your drink on her wood dresser with no coaster? She'd beat you, right?
Think about it!

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