Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn In Vegas

What a gorgeous day it is today-something we don't see often anymore through the years here in Vegas. Just a autumn day. The sun peeking through - warming everything in its cozy light. For many seasons we have gone from high temps to cold - so this is a real treat and I'm loving it!
Monday, we will begin getting another estate sale spruced up and ready for a weekend sale. Lots of interesting items including a indoor sauna! Portable and ready to be moved. I'll try to get some pics up when we are preparing it.

Lots of interesting stories - the other day a woman came in with a tea pot that was pretty busted up but was convinced it was worth many hundreds of dollars 'cuz she had seen it on the road show. Often, the items look similiar to what we have at home, and I must break the bad news that it is not that rarity shown on tv. Usually, though, I can bring good news and delight those who thought they had something valued at $10.00 - that it is worth just a bit more!

Well, I'm off to our store location (

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