Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sorting through TRASH OR TREASURE

Here is a video of me sorting through a assortment of boxes brought in. Kept for many years - it had a lot of TRASH as well as treasures (a small dumpster full!) Its a new camera so we took video sideways!

Anyway-there I am on the floor sorting and tagging (which is where you can usually find me) Just had my hair cut - kind of cute. Enough about me.......... People who keep their stuff for years tend to think it is ALL valuable - yet they will often just pile it in aroom and not keep it in the best of conditions. I guess that is hoarding which is another blog all together. I came to this home and there was literally stuff in piles everywhere! We did agree to take it to the store.

Although we did find some TREASURES, most of it was dirty, or moldy, or broken......and I am afraid even much of it - in the best of conditions would not have had value. The good part of this process is the consignor who had grieved for many years over the death of his spouse, was finally able to let go of the items that he though linked them together. It is not healthy (sanitary) to live as he was and I am glad that I could make a difference in his life! Sometimes that is the only treasure we uncover.

~~~today I got a phone call from a young man who wanted to clear out his home before he passed. He has found out that he will not survive an illness and doesn't want his family to come and just take everything after he is gone as they are not giving him much moral support during his crisis. It is sad and something that I must deal with more than I would like. Everyone, of course, deals with their own situation differently and my job is to listen and respect their wishes.....and help them if I can. Hold on - the phone is ringing....................

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