Friday, August 5, 2016

What's It Worth....................Really?

Everyday I get someone who comes to me with a photo of an antique – along with a story about how they have this piece and it belonged to their gramma or parents or aunt and they just know it is worth a lot of money. The truth is the value of antiques have gone way down. Its not the economy – its not the internet – its the younger generation. They don’t want it! Can you imagine going to a young person’s home for dinner and having the table set with Noritake china and sterling silver flatware – and drinking the bottled water out of Waterford crystal glass? That’s not a “put down” or negative review about our young generation – its simply the way it is. These kids are back into making things out of wood pallets and finding a piece of furniture for $5.00 – getting some chalk paint and giving it a whole new look! Their look! And I applaud them (and love a lot of what I see). I think its great that the creative juices are flowing and the love of Do It Yourself (DIY) is back! But that means that this generation is not buying the antiques and like every other market place it brings in the law of supply and demand. The supply is increasing and the demand is decreasing – thereby making the antique items worth less and less – and I am the one that has to tell the owner of their gramma’s – parent’s or aunt’s beloved item that the value is not what they thought. There was a time about 15 years ago and before – when I would be called to do an estate sale of a home filled with antiques and I would get excited because I knew I could make good money for the estate. Now I just cringe and explain to the owner’s what has happened. But remember you didn’t just keep it because you thought it would be worth money – you kept it because it reminded you of your gramma or parent or aunt and that’s worth more than anything! To get bargains on antiques and items you can paint – be sure you join our email notification list on Call Renee Estate Liquidation for where we are holding our next estate sale. And remember you can come to our 12,000 sq ft estate sale warehouse Not Just Antiques Mart located at 1422 Western Avenue Monday-Saturday from 10:30 – 5:30 for estate values every day! Have the best day as those have value – Renee

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